Cafe Markó

Cafe Markó

The cafe name refers to the life and work of writer Marko Vovchok, who lived in Kyiv for some time. It is a symbol of an independent, progressive and open world.

Cafe Markó combines the dynamic atmosphere in the morning with the measured buzz of a full hall at lunch time and calm cozy dinners with candles and wine.

We reinterpret the classics, we are romantics with a destiny of voluntarism, are bright and ironic in the palette of tastes and presentation of dishes. We suggest everyone choose a cozy place in the Gallery, Terrace or Walnut Garden area.

We are waiting for you for a glass of Bellini and a coffee with your favorite dish at Cafe Markó.

The Gallery

Our ground-floor dining room with a cocktail bar. Great place to greet the day before it starts with breakfast and find a quiet table for a lunch meeting.

The Terrace

Cozy winter garden surrounded by our Walnut Garden. Spacious, airy, and green space with comfortable tables for small companies.

The Walnut Garden

Sheltered, quiet courtyard that covets a private friends gathering or a small function. Crowned with a majestic sprawling walnut tree in the center of the garden it is one of the most serene restaurant gardens in the old Kyiv. Come join us here for a Bellini and a soulful lunch!