About us

Created by Today’s Ukrainians

Modern Kyiv cannot be compared with any city in the world due to its specific energy and aesthetics. It is created by us — artists, directors, restaurateurs, DJs, the creative class, and entrepreneurs. Now it’s very difficult wartime when people around the globe are looking at Kyiv. The city impresses with its bravery, and its originality only becomes more expressive. It turns out that Kyiv can open a hotel and restaurant even in the darkest hour.

Sophia Hotel Kyiv and Cafe Markó were created by today’s Ukrainians from various fields for almost four consecutive years to see the result of their work in August 2022. The hotel and restaurant are located in a restored building. It was built in 1881 and has survived two wars. Now the building is witnessing a third war. The authentic Kyiv bricks of the building were hidden by more than five layers of paint from different eras.


Every detail in the hotel is selected individually and developed by the best Ukrainian brands.

The hotel has an atmosphere of meditative peace and comfort that can be felt at every step.


We honor and reinterpret Ukrainian traditions, sharing an authentic local experience with our guests.

We take a balanced approach to everything: we select the best offer for the guest, and we have an individual approach to any request.

Hotel design

The design of the hotel was created by the architectural bureau Balbek Bureau. Laconic design that satisfies guests’ requests and emphasizes the architecture of the building.


The interior has a lot of light and wood and brass elements. The color scheme is restrained, but not monochrome: light walls are a neutral curtain, and splashes of warm shades, from burgundy to terracotta, add coziness. Furniture from Ukrainian manufacturers was used in the decoration.

Interior Design and Details

Gunia Project created decor elements in the hotel. The Naked Room gallery selected paintings and sculptures by talented artists of Ukraine. The IST publishing house created a set of books for each room.


The hotel has a unique aroma developed by the founder of Arboretum, perfumer and conceptualist Vlad Zvarych. Cosmetics for rooms created by the creative space of complex perfume compositions, Poetry Home. The mini bar is also filled only with Ukrainian producers.

The Founder

“The concept of the hotel is a reflection of the unique Kyiv culture today. After all, 20 years ago, Kyiv was different. Not friendly and stagnant. Now the capital of our country has a special, super attractive, creative energy that impresses and conquers. Many sincerely want to be a part of this city. That’s why we wanted to create a clean canvas for the most talented Ukrainians to come together and create a new hotel experience!”, — says founder Roman Tatarskyi.


In addition to Sophia Hotel Kyiv, Roman has two projects in Lviv — Danylo Inn and On The Square hotels. The atmosphere of the modern capital fascinated Roman so much that in 2018, he decided to add another Kyiv hotel to his list. It was a special one with a new team. The goal was to create a place where people feel the spirit of the modern capital in every detail of the space. It is a place where they can not just stop but also become part of the city life and culture, which is constantly developing.